Southern Metropolitan Zone Results

U7 Boys
Nolan Grantham – GOLD 200m PB, SILVER 70m PB, SILVER 100m PB, BRONZE 500m PB

U7 Girls
Addison Franklin – 8th 50m, 10th 70m, 9th 200m

U8 Boys
Harlan Taylor – 8th 60m Hurdles 12.72 PB, 8th 70m, 12th 100m, 9th 200m

U9 Girls
Casey Pendleton-Cherry – GOLD Long Jump PB, GOLD 70m, GOLD 200m PB 31.19 New Zone Record, 3rd Junior Girls Relay

U10 Girls
Harmony-Jade Taylor – 3rd 60m Hurdles 12.20, 15th 70m, 14th 100m, 16th 200m

U11 Boys
Cayde Herbert – 3rd 100m, 5th 60m Hurdles, 5th 200m,
Ethan Cavell – 3rd Junior Boys Relay, 13th 60m Hurdles, 13th 100m , 16th 200m
Samuel Banovic – 9th 200m 30.72 PB, 11th Triple Jump 7.67 PB, 12th 100m 15.54 PB

U11 Girls
Kiarna Franklin – 4th Shot Put, 6th Discus, 16th 60m Hurdles, 20th 200m

U12 Boys
Callum Grantham – 1st 200m 27.49 one second PB, 2nd 400m Timed Final, 3rd 800m, 3rd Senior Boys Relay

U12 Girls
Kayla Barton – 1st Javelin, 5th Discus, 5th Shot Put, 10th 100m 16.02
Renee Penitani – 1st 100m 13.87 PB, 2nd Long Jump, 2nd 60m Hurdles beat the Zone Record
Savannah Taylor – 3rd 100m, 3rd 200m, 4th 60m Hurdles PB, 7th High Jump

U13 Boys
Cameron Jones – 5th 400m Timed Final 1:03.55 PB, 5th 800m, 7th Long Jump, 7th 200m 27.99 PB

U13 Girls
Bella-Rose Franklin – 2nd 100m, 2nd 200m 28.00 PB, 2nd Senior Girls Relay, 3rd 400m Timed Final 1:07.0 PB
Bella Sest – 1st 200m Hurdles, 3rd Discus, 3rd Triple Jump 9.36 PB, 4th 100m, 4th 80m Hurdles, 6th 200m 28.87 PB

U14 Girls
Aiesha Stevill – 4th 80m Hurdles, 5th 200m Hurdles
Caitlin James – 5th Discus, 6th 200m Hurdles, 6th 80m Hurdles, 7th Javelin
Estelle Grantham – 2nd 200m Hurdles, 2nd 80m Hurdles
Stefania Guercio – 3rd 200m Hurdles 33.50 PB, 4th 100m, 4th 200m 27.95 PB, 7th Long Jump, 8th 400m Timed Final 1:10.79 2 second PB
Tara Benikos – 8th 100m Final, 9th 400m Timed Final, 10th 200m

U17 Girls
Elena Christian – 2nd 300m Hurdles, 2nd Senior Girls Relay, 3rd 400m Timed Final, 4th 200m


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