Region 8 Results for PBAC athletes

Congratulations to everyone who competed over the weekend, made a final, ran a PB, scored a medal or made it through to state!!!

Special mention goes to Savannah Taylor who finished equal second in her 60m hurdle final, officials could not separate her and Renee Penitani.

The girls had to come out on Sunday after the short hurdle finals and do a run off in front of everyone to decide who would take the automatic second qualifying position for State. Savannah was fortunate to win the run off and qualify.

Both girls ran an amazing time in their final and should be very proud!

The wait begins to see who will qualify on time.

U8 Boys
Harlan Taylor – 8th 60m Hurdles

U9 Girls
Casey Pendleton-Cherry – SILVER Long Jump, GOLD 70m, SILVER 200m, 5th Junior Girls Relay

U10 Boys
Josh Kannengiess – 9th 400m 1:11.33 PB, 5th 200m, 4th Junior Boys Relay
Tomas Faulkner – BRONZE 100m PB, PB in the heat 14.52, BRONZE 70m, 4th 200m 31.35 PB, 4th Junior Boys Relay

U10 Girls
Harmony-Jade Taylor – 5th 60m Hurdles 12.05 PB  

U11 Boys
Cayde Herbert – 14th 60m Hurdles, 8th 100m, 5th 200m
Samuel Banovic – 12th 400m

U12 Boys 
Callum Grantham – SILVER 400m 1:01.05 PB, 4th 800m 2:22.32 PB, SILVER 200m, 4th Senior Boys Relay

U12 Girls
Savannah Taylor – SILVER 60m Hurdles 10.13 PB , 6th 100m 14.54 PB, 8th 200m 

U13 Boys
Cameron Jones – 6th 400m, 5th 100m, 7th 200m 

U13 Girls
Bella-Rose Franklin – 7th 400m, 5th 100m, 6th 200m, BRONZE Senior Girls Relay
Bella Sest – 5th 200m Hurdles, 11th 100m, 6th Discus, 7th 80m Hurdles, 9th 200m, 5th Triple Jump

U14 Girls
Aiesha Stevill – 9th 80m Hurdles 15.38 PB, 9th 1500m, 6th Long Jump, 6th 800m
Caitlin James – 8th 200m Hurdles, 10th Shot Put, 7th Javelin, 11th 80m Hurdles, 6th Discus
Estelle Grantham – 5th 200m Hurdles, 6th 80m Hurdles
Stefania Guercio – 7th 200m Hurdles, 8th 100m 13.54 PB, 8th 200m
Stephanie Faulkner – 7th Shot Put, 11th Triple Jump
Tara Benikos – 13th 100m

U17 Girls 
Elena Christian – SILVER 300m Hurdles, SILVER 400m, 6th 200m, BRONZE Senior Girls Relay
Michaela Cosgrove – 6th 100m

10 Personal Best’s
4 Athletes automatically qualified in 8 events
18 Finalists in 41 events
1 Gold Medal
7 Silver Medals
4 Bronze Medals from 5 athletes out of 20 athletes who competed 


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